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Specializing in marketing for the hearing care industry, Nutshell Marketing creates high-quality direct response marketing to mature buyers (55+) in the United States. Located in Salt Lake City, Nutshell’s team is comprised of over twenty talented designers, technicians, and customer service representatives, all eager to assist you with your advertising needs.


Nutshell’s ads have been seen in every major newspaper in the nation, and millions of our mailers have arrived in the mailboxes of every major metropolitan market. We take pride in our work, and strive to provide the best possible marketing solution for your practice. Our top priority is to satisfy our customers with prompt service, superior products, and outstanding customer support. Together, we have the same goal: creating successful advertising that brings in potential patients and customers.


Because hearing care is our primary business, our graphic design/ad copy staff is able to focus on creating cost-effective advertising for your business.


We started in 2003 in the basement of our home and in 3 short years grew to a multi-million dollar company with clients in every state. Because of our unique location at a crossroads of both interstates and airlines, we are able to ship mail and freight economically anywhere in the US within 1-3 days. This allows us to be competitive with your local print/mailing house.


We provide graphic design, list services, printing, and mailing facilities all in-house, enabling us to simpilify and control the entire process. We are sensitive to your advertising budget and endeavor to keep your sales goals intact.

Based in Salt Lake City, Utah, Nutshell Marketing was founded by Tim and Peggy Peterson in 2003. At the present, Nutshell's team is comprised of over twenty talented & knowledgable designers, technicians, and customer service representatives.
Our customer service staff is comprised of nearly a dozen hearing aid and marketing industry experts who are ready to help you
Customer Service

Our customer service staff is comprised of nearly a dozen hearing aid and marketing industry experts who are ready to help you

We have the best designers on the planet working hard to provide you with consistent, top-quality designs

We have the best designers on the planet working hard to provide you with consistent, top-quality designs

Our production staff works around the clock to output your final product and ensures it looks it's best and arrives on time
Production Staff

Our production staff works around the clock to output your final product and ensures it looks it's best and arrives on time

Our Services Bringing Your Ideas To Life

We offer a comprehensive, start-to-finish line of services designed to build your ad around proven, market-tested advertising concepts and color schemes. We help you chose the layout and content that best fit your marketing goals, not ours. We also offer the flexibility to use any combination of our services, whether it is just addressing, inserting, or the whole project - start to finish.

Our stand-alone design department can assist you with all of your marketing needs. We have a wide selection of pre-designed templates or we can create a brand new ad that reflects your unique market position. Our staff stays in contact with most hearing aid manufacturers and we have their newest specialty templates on file for your customized use.


Our design team can create marketing pieces that you can print yourself, at your local print-mail shop, or have us print and mail for you. We ensure prompt service and exceptional customer service throughout the designing process.

Print And Finishing
Print & Finishing

By printing in-house, Nutshell can complete a project quickly and economically. We are able to monitor the entire process of printing and mailing projects, ensuring quality control and affordable prices.


We have several high-speed mailing machines capable of addressing letters, postcards, invitations, etc., at rates up to 20,000 per hour. Additionally, these machines can apply tabs, stamps, addresses, and heat-set ink all in one process.


We also offer much more than just direct mail. We can produce stapled or velo bound booklets, and have options for coating, die cut, foil stamp and many other specialty services. Our state-of-the-art machinery can insert up to 8 pieces in envelopes up to 9x12 inches.

Mailing and Shipping
Mailing & Shipping

We process our mailings locally and contract a third party expedited shipping company to take mail to the nearest sectional facility. From there, the mail is presented at your local post office to be delivered in mailboxes, saving two weeks time. Our location at the crossroads of trucking and airline routes allows us to hit any major airport in the US overnight. We can ship mailings to any facility in the contiguous US in a maximum of 4 days.


We track our mail with specialized barcodes printed on the pieces, which are scanned by the post office as mail is sorted. Tracking follows your pieces as they travel through the postal system, and shows which day your mail should arrive in mailboxes.

Lists Quality Lists for Improved ROI

Mailing list Providers

We have access to several major data compilers to purchase your list from. Each one offers it's own unique set of advantages that we can cater to your unique mailing.

Customer Databases

Would you rather mail to your current customer base and let them know about new and exciting products? No problem! We can handle that too!

We follow HIPAA standards to secure and protect your customer's data. We take their privacy very seriously.

Understand who your current customers are so you know who future customers will be!

We offer many data append services such as phone numbers, apartment numbers, and deceased flags. We also offer comprehensive market analysis so you can find more customers just like the ones you currently have.

Mail Piece Tracking

Full-Service Intelligent Mail Ready

List Suppression Options

DPV & CASS Compliant

Move Update Compliant

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